Our story

Hugh McManners  –  singer-songwriter. Been playing other people’s music since the Seventies while always wanting to write my own songs. But life got in the way.

So in 2017, I turned this round – recording; and getting out to play my own music solo acoustic style. Then formed the Linden Tree Band.

The world is full of lovely people wanting to connect. You, just like me, love music and really want to relate to songs.  I’m so pleased we’ve found each other.

The Songs

Psyche folk rock; letting each song become what suits it best – a daffodil or a rose, that’s fine – I have Cornish sympathies.  Style and genre are less important, from acoustic to electric rock with the band.

I’m recording acoustic songs at the moment.  Thinking of putting up a few of these as singles for download; then maybe an acoustic album with lyrics booklet to support my solo acoustic gigs.

This is all about finding our audience. (Although if you did want a physical copy of our tracks – as a CD, we do have to charge to send it…)  Our recordings are not releases, but are for people who like what we’re doing  – band EP “Phoenix Rising”.

What it’s like

I’m into lyrics and stories – examples:

– restoring a 1943 Indian Chief motorbike then getting married;
– a night express train stopping at an empty station, the moon, the ocean and a Goddess; 
– emerging triumphant from the ashes of personal meltdown;
– a 22nd century cyber love story,
– and the life of a 14th century warrior princess in her retirement…

Also I’m a war veteran, so that’s another perspective.  (As you’d expect, there’s several war protest songs.)

But it’s about living in the light – escape, freedom and finding your own path, especially when you find yourself on the dark side – dealing as we all must, with death, failure, depression etc.

Read more about the shadow side

The Band

Linden Tree is a three-piece band.  I sing, and play acoustic and electric guitar, with my long-time friends bass guitarist Steve Turner, and drummer Jeff Walker.  Another long-time friend is our producer Jez Coad (Simple Minds).   Read our bios. 

Work in Progress

I’ve already written lotsa songs. An album’s worth are ready for recording. We’ll gradually produce and release ’em; and I’m writing more.

After encouragement from people on Facebook, we printed up a five-song EP in high quality sound (.wav) on a CD, with a lyrics booklet.

You can hear this for free on here, with mp3 downloads available on iTunes, CD Baby and Google Play.

However we’d much prefer you to enjoy the full glory of our band’s work without having the life compressed out of it on mp3. Currently, a CD is the only way we can offer that to you.

Connect With Us

If you were to like our music, I’d be delighted.  To encourage this (!) – and so we can give you our new music as soon as it comes out, please sign up here to receive updates.

All best,

Singer-Songwriter and guitar player for the Linden Tree Band