Here are five of our songs – an EP Phoenix Rising.  Listen to the tracks >>Watch our videos on Facebook and YouTube

Our story

Hugh McManners  – singer-songwriter. Been doing music since the Seventies, including 22 years running a popular London function band. I’d always wanted to do my own music, but life had got in the way.

So in 2017, I started recording my songs and playing them solo acoustic. And also formed the Linden Tree Band.

I’m touch older than the preferred age bracket for record labels. So this is about finding people who can relate to my songs.


The band’s overall genre is hard to define. Some songs are full-on rock, some folk, some a bit pop-like, psychdeliccy – or just plain weird…

We don’t yet know how it will develop. I’m recording some acoustic songs, and thinking about an acoustic album to support my solo acoustic gigs.

My approach is to let each song find its own way, to become what suits it best. If we can achieve that, style and genre don’t matter that much to me.  But as we’re all rockers, the band’s live gigs are going to be a distinctly rocky events!!

We hope to release a band single this year –  2019. Then another EP.  The way it’s going, I can see a band album comprising a variety of different musical styles.

What it’s like

I’m also into lyrics – describing the images that come into my head: for example, riding a vintage Indian motorbike; or imagining the life of a warrior princess in her retirement…

Also I’m a war veteran, so that’s another major theme.

Some of the songs look at the dark side – at death, depression, being trapped in dark places. But there’s always light – escape, freedom and finding your own path.

Read more about the shadow side

The Band

Decades in other people’s bands and running my own functions band means I’ve been able to get some serious musicians involved in this: producer Jez Coad, Steve Turner on bass guitar, and Jeff Walker on drums. Read our musician bios.   In many ways I’m the least experienced.

Linden Tree is a three-piece band.  I sing, and play acoustic and electric guitar.

Work in Progress

I’ve already written quite a few songs, and am writing more. An album’s worth are ready for recording. We’ll gradually produce and release them throughout 2019.

Having enjoyed what we think is a lot of interest on Facebook, we recently put out a five-song EP with high quality sound (.wav) on a CD, and as mp3’s on the download services.

Connect With Us

If you were to like our music, I’d be delighted.  To encourage this (!) – so we can give you our new music as soon as it comes out, please sign up here to receive updates.

All best,

Singer-Songwriter and guitar player for the Linden Tree Band