The Linden Tree Band came into existence last year.  We’re a work in progress, but offer you a five-track EP as something to be getting on with, and expect to release a single later this year.

Hugh McManners – that me – I write the songs and this is my band. I’m playing solo acoustic gigs right now. I’ll also be releasing acoustic tracks.

Our music

Our music is all about the songs.  Each one turns out differently.  Others describe us overall as Alternative, playing folk and psychedelic rock.  I’m just happy they liked the songs enough to comment!

I write the songs, then we give each one whatever it needs to work. We always record the drums and bass live, sometimes along with guitar and even the vocals.

Musical genres try to cram us into uniformly shaped boxes, into which most musicians don’t fit!  But they do help us all to find music we like.  So when I’m doing my singer-songwriter solo gigs with just a guitar, I’m in the alt and contemporary folk, roots, alt-country and singer-songwriter brackets.

Linden Tree Band gigs will be all of the above, and rocky.  We’re a three piece band, and Steve Turner plays bass like a lead guitarist and synths when required, greatly extending the possibilities.

We publish demos, samples and videos regularly on our social media:
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Singer-Songwriter Hugh McManners

Hugh McManners Linden TreeI began musical life as a young chorister in Australia, and then in Leicester as a bass guitarist in various heavy rock bands of the 1970’s. I’ve played other people’s music for decades, as a rock guitarist and singer, and a heavy rock, reggae and ska bassist.

I am also a veteran of the Falklands War, having served in the British Army for 17 years. After that, I worked as a journalist and television producer. I’ve written multiple books on war and military history, and oppose the recent wars into which our governments have dragged us. Translating opposition into action, I’m the founder and Director of an Oxford University research foundation into the psychological and neurological effects of war – to improve how we care for people affected by war. Read my full bio on Wikipedia

The Band

My friends Steve Turner and Jeff Walker, who I’ve played with in other bands, have joined me to record and perform my songs. Together, we form The Linden Tree Band.

Steve Turner – Bass guitar

Steve Turner Linden Tree Band Steve is a guitarist, keyboard player, composer and bass guitarist from East London.

He’s a songwriter and bass guitarist with The Gutter Brothers – a hugely popular London gigging band of the Nineties. He was a founding member of the Led Zeppelin tribute band “Letz Zep”. Steve has also written music for television and feature films.

He’s deeply into heavy rock, and extreme pets: his dog Django is the size of a small pony; and Percy the Savannah cat who looks like a leopard and acts like a dog.

Jeff Walker – Drums

Jeff WalkerJeff is also from East London and played for The Gutter Brothers alongside Steve Turner – for which he was required to hit all manner of objects in a musical manner whilst standing up. This helped cement the Gutter Brothers’ reputation as “the loudest skiffle band in the world”.

Jeff is also a session drummer. He has played for many top forty pop bands; and with the Genesis tribute band “G2”.

Enviably, Jeff hears music as colours, insists that his musical tastes are very strange; and like Steve is a metal head.  He says Linden Tree music “is awash with blue, green and yellow”.