Our listeners say

“I absolutely love this EP. You could say that it’s good, solid psychedelic folk rock. But each of the five songs is very different – with real punch, beautifully produced and sound gorgeous.”
– Radio ExileFM Presenter Balou Bartsch

“What a beautifully crafted production! Hugh continues to download his emotional hard drive via some extremely powerful emotive lyrics and guitar playing. Love the bass playing which has more than a hint of ska/reggae woven in, and the drums are just right, never overpowering and always supporting the colours and feel of the composition. Phoenix Rising is a nicely engineered EP and I’m looking forward to hearing the Linden Tree Band further develop this good work and perform their first live sessions soon.”
– Morris W

“You’re a great story teller with your music and I’m digging the vibe! Thumbs up!”
– Amy H

“I must have listened to this song about 20-30 times and I know my music and I know when I hear good stuff this is very creative the words are symbolic.”
– Mike B

“Powerful song and music… my ghosts and I like it…”
– Marianne B

“Super organic sound!!”
– Joshua V

“Sounds awesome. Got a sweet Jethro Tullish kick-your-teeth-out feel.”
– Tony E

“Real raw emotion… and class in the right way…”
– Duncan M

– Gregory S