Accepting Reality
This is about living in the moment while feeling the past – the shadows from which we came. Just a few generations ago, day-to-day living entailed darkness, death, hunger, ageing and violence. It still does, but technology enables us to hide. Whereas our ancestors had no such illusions.  For them, to live was to grieve.

Joy from the Shadows
But as we know from their ancient prayers, as they saw it, to live was also to give thanks for life.  Each day was joyful. They accepted the shadows.

Believing Dreams
Early humans sensed their world directly with intensity. Humans have only limited senses; we’re vulnerable to most other carnivorous animals. So our forebears used imagination to make up for this, which enhanced their senses particularly hearing, to track prey and avoid danger even in the darkness. Dreams were important information. They felt the spirits  – of the dead, and of the animals they hunted, the earth and the natural kingdom generally. Everything had spirit – as with what some today call Gaia.

Learning to Listen
Our ancestors soon evolved beyond using their senses just for hunting and survival. Utilising sound required more imagination than sight, and so evoked complicated emotions, images and thoughts. They used their vocal cords to make increasingly complicated sounds to communicate ideas and intentions – speech, but also singing. Some languages for example Chinese, have a definite singing dimension to the meaning of the words.  And so along with speech, our early ancestors also created music – the oldest human art form.

Our ancestors lived among the shadows and accepted the darkness. They understood it, and used it to their advantage.

From Silence Comes Music
From darkness and silence comes understanding, and the dreams through which we grow. And from silence comes music, which lights up the darkness inside our brains.

Tree of Justice and Love
And so the shamanistic tree Yggdrasil connector of the worlds, is the basis for our logo.  This led us to associate with the linden or lime tree as a symbol of love, fertility, prosperity, fidelity, friendship, peace, justice, altruism, good luck; that heals; and protects from evil spirits.