“Music with Shadows” is about living in the moment while also being conscious of the past – the shadows from which we’ve all come. For our ancestors, day-to-day living entailed darkness, death, hunger, ageing and violence. They lived among very real shadows.  To live was to grieve. But as we know from the ancient prayers, to live was also to give thanks for life.  Each ordinary day was joyful. They lived with the shadows.

Early humans sensed far more of their world than we can today of ours. Their limited senses made them vulnerable to hunting animals. They used imagination to make up for this – to enhance their senses particularly hearing, to track prey and avoid danger even in the darkness. Dreams were important information. They sensed the spirits of the dead, and of the animals they hunted and the natural kingdom generally.  They also found that sound evoked other emotions as well as the excitement and fear of the hunt. As they learned to make the sounds that were to become speech, they also learned to sing, creating music – the oldest human art form.

Our ancestors lived among the shadows and accepted the darkness, understanding and using it to their advantage.  We are the same as them.  Particularly for we today who have lost so much of our natural facility, the darkness is to be valued.

From darkness and silence comes understanding, and the dreams through which we grow. And from silence comes music, which lights up the darkness inside our brains.

The shamanistic tree Yggdrasil, the connector of the worlds is our logo, superimposed onto the sacred Linden Tree.